Exclusive : Our Sib Tips

Siblings share the longest relationships in life. When adding the role of caretaker to being a sister or brother there is a whole new world of terms and acronyms to learn.

Sib Tips is a combination glossary of terms and acronyms used in the disability community and practical tips for siblings to know. We call it the alphabet soup of special needs planning.

SibTips includes a glossary of these terms and is our attempt to share what we have learned over the past many years with other brothers and sisters. We have also included a SibTip with each respective term.

Here's a sample:


An Advocate is someone who focuses on ensuring that the rights of a person with disabilities are met and not violated. Sometimes these services include special education, housing discrimination, abuse and neglect. They may be a paid advocate or a family member or friend who has the best interest of the individual at heart.

SibTip:  In the absence of a formal guardianship for your sib, you may want to become his or her advocate informally or formally with a Power of Advocacy. This will allow you to participate in the decision making aspects of their life particularly with residential, employment, and provider agencies. You won’t have any legal authorization, but you may already be acting as their “advocate” by standing by them as a sib.