A Parent's Guide to

Setting Up a Special Needs Trust

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Planning for your child's

 financial security when you are gone?


Step 1-

Create a properly drafted SNT.

Step 2-

Provide the money to fund the trust.



A Parent's Guide to Setting Up a to Special Needs Trust will include:

  1. SNT Quick Reference Guide
    1. What is a special needs trust?
    2. Who is involved in a SNT?
    3. Why set up an SNT?
    4. Types of SNTs
    5. When and how the trust should be funded.
  2. Types of Trusts
  3. Who will be Trustee?
    1. Trustee Responsibilities
    2. Options for choosing a Trustee
    3. Guardians & Trustees
  4. Information for Trustees
  5. Helpful Tips for planning with a SNT
    1. Avoiding common mistakes