The Letter of Intent & Parent's Guide


The most important asset your child has is YOU.

Think for a moment about the specific instructions or guidelines you give to your child or his or her caregiver when you leave for just an evening out or a weekend away.  Then, imagine if you never came back. 

The individual you have entrusted to care for your child when you are gone—sibling, friend, relative, trustee, guardian, or organization—needs detailed information that only a parent would know about their child’s history and personal preferences. This information is contained in a Letter of Intent. 

What is a Letter of Intent (LOI)?

  • The Letter of Intent (LOI) is not a legally binding document, however it is perhaps the most valuable document you can prepare for the future well-being of your child.
  • An LOI outlines, in detail, the people, places and services your child receives and requires. 
  • An LOI is a guide for future caregivers in making the most appropriate life decisions for your child, and helping to provide direction to their trustee in fulfilling his or her fiduciary responsibilities.

The Letter of Intent also involves sorting out one’s feelings and defining expectations when thinking about the future for your child with special needs. Every child is unique and this document will be unique: it should be flexible, clear and personal.

The LOI may also serve a very important function while you are alive and well; it may be a catalyst to begin planning to achieve your vision for your child today.

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