Year End Planning Tips for Families with Special Needs

Posted by Patricia Manko on Thu, Dec 20, 2012 @ 03:26 PM

year end resized 600This is a great time of year to reflect upon what has happened in 2012 and enable you to set goals for 2013. Here are also a few additional planning strategies to consider.

1. Update your Letter of Intent (LOI)

This is a great gift idea too, not only for your child, but for yourself. Many of our client's give an updated copy of their child's LOI at the holidays to each of his/her future caretakers, guardians, and trustees. Keep your LOI up to date and you will have the peace of mind knowing that if anything should happen to you, then you have left a legacy of information and the vision you have for your child's lifetime.  The LOI is the one central place to put all of your child's important information and important people and agencies in his/her life. You can also tell others about daily routines, habits, hygiene, hobbies, preferences of your child, and so much more.  Click here to download a sample LOI.

2. Gifts from Grandparents

Please remember to say thank you first! This is the time of year that gifts of money can be in excess of the $2,000 limits. The annual gift tax exclusion amount is $13,000 for 2012. Unfortunately if given to your child or to an account in his/her name, this gift can jeopardize your child's eligibility for government benefits. Gift giving, if done properly, can be beneficial for everyone. Please contact us if you would like to discuss options for your own financial and estate planning.

3. Gifts to Charities

Don't forget to support the agencies that support your family members. This time of year, most charitable non-profit organizations and agencies are asking for your financial support. They do so to be able to continue to provide the services and supports to your family member. Most donations to these agencies are tax deductible to you. Don't forget to consider any matching gifts from your employer(s). This is our chance to give back and say thank you. If you would like to discuss options of charitable giving techniques for your own personal financial and estate planning, please contact us.

We wish all our readers a very happy holiday season.

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Tips for the Holidays for Families with Special Needs

Posted by Patricia Manko on Fri, Dec 07, 2012 @ 08:59 AM

holiday girl resized 600We all could use a little help during the holidays! This is one of the reasons, a non-profit in San Mateo, CA created a Holiday Survival Guide for Families with Special Needs in 2010.   The guide provides parents with helpful tips and resources to utilize during this busy and stressful time of year. It will help you navigate the change in schedules to finding a sensory safe Santa to how to explain to the grandparents why your child may not eat grandma's stuffing. Here is a directory of topics covered in the Guide:

  • How To Thrive During The Holidays
  • Top Toys for Children with Special Needs (there are updated versions of this list available online)
  • Love, Laugh & Live: The Emotional Side of the Holidays 
  • Holiday Decoration Tips 
  • Santa Clause 101: Five Ways To Prepare For A Visit With Santa 
  • Reinventing Hanukkah For Special Needs Families

Click here to download a copy of Abilitypath's Holiday Survival Guide.

With, 2012.  

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