Housing Options for an Individual with Disabilities

Posted by Patty Manko on Thu, Sep 11, 2014 @ 05:12 PM

house-resized-600When planning a home for an individual with disabilities it is often a surprise that the physical housing is many times a very small percentage of the expense. The 2 primary factors in planning for lifetime residential options for your child with disabilities are:

  • the level of assistance they need in order to manage their day to day activities
  •  your own financial situation.

 The support an individual may require ranges from medically complex situations or individuals requiring assistance in all activities of daily living to individuals in need of minimal supports.  

Once you have identified the level of support required, you must determine the level of staffing necessary to provide this support.  Staff is usually the largest expense to be considered when quantifying how much your child’s residential options will cost.  There are planning techniques that may be used to maintain the level of services your child requires and contain the costs within your budget.  One example of this is to find opportunities to change the ratio of staff to individuals.   Since the quality of a program depends on the support staff, establishing the optimum ratio requires skill and experience.

Most importantly, the goal of planning should be to reach beyond your child’s baseline needs and provide for them an opportunity for an enriched and meaningful life.  To learn about planning for residential needs in a more comprehensive manner, consider attending the Statewide, Buyilding a Home conference (details below).

Click on the notice below for more information about the Building a Home conference.



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