TED Talks: I 'm not your inspiration

Posted by Patty Manko on Thu, Jun 19, 2014 @ 03:15 PM


TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) is a non-profit organization devoted to spreading ideas.  TED holds conferences around the world and has the misson of spreading great ideas throughout many communitites.  Here are some TED Talks relating to disabilities.

This week TED featured a talk by Stella Young, a comedian, disability advocate and the editor of Ramp Up, an online space for news, discussion and opinion about disability in Australia. 


In this factual talk, geneticist Wendy Chung shares what we know about autism spectrum disorder — for example, that autism has multiple, perhaps interlocking, causes. Looking beyond the worry and concern that can surround a diagnosis, Chung and her team look at what we’ve learned through studies, treatments and careful listening.

Autism-What we know and (what we don't know yet)


 Roberto D'Angelo and Francesca Fedeli thought their baby boy Mario was healthy — until at 10 days old, they discovered he'd had a perinatal stroke. With Mario unable to control the left side of his body, they grappled with tough questions: Would he be "normal?” Could he live a full life? The poignant story of parents facing their fears — and how they turned them around.

In our baby's illness, a life lesson

And last but not least:

"I have cerebral palsy. I shake all the time," Maysoon Zayid announces at the beginning of this exhilarating, hilarious talk. (Really, it's hilarious.) "I'm like Shakira meets Muhammad Ali." With grace and wit, the Arab-American comedian takes us on a whistle-stop tour of her adventures as an actress, stand-up comic, philanthropist and advocate for the disabled.



For more Ted Talks around the topic of disabilities click here.

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