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Posted by Patricia Manko on Thu, Nov 29, 2012 @ 05:51 PM

The Special Needs Planning Timeline©

In order to illustrate the differences between traditional planning and special needs planning, we have developed a Special Needs Planning Timeline.  The timeline below outlines the various planning pressure points that our families with children with special needs have to be mindful of and reflects the differences of a “traditional” planning timeline versus a “special needs” planning timeline. 

These planning pressure points are stages that align with natural life transitions. For a child with special needs, these stages indicate a change in services and/or benefits available.   In addition, this is often the point in time where parents feel the pressure to begin planning.  We identify these points as an indicator that action is needed. 

Here is a timeline showing the planning pressure points for a traditional family, what we call the "Money Magazine Family" because this is generally the type of financial planning featured in most consumer publications.

View the Special Needs Planning Timeline, complete with planning pressure  points and their related considerations

To view the full version of the Special Needs Planning Timeline, and a description of the planning considerations for each stage of your child's life, click on the image above

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