The Security of a Second Opinion

Posted by Patricia Manko on Thu, Jun 21, 2012 @ 12:53 PM

telephone consultation resized 600"Is everything being done properly?"

"How can I be sure my lawyer has covered all the details in the best way for my loved one?"

We hear these types of questions quite often. In response, we have decided to offer a Second Opinion Consultation by phone.

Perhaps you have an existing relationship with a financial planner or a lawyer (or both) with whom you are comfortable but they may not have experience necessary to address the needs of an individual with disabilities. If you would like to be sure that everything is being done appropriately, we suggest a Second Opinion Consultation.

A private Second Opinion Consultation by phone offers you a convenient and cost-effective option. If appropriate, we may initiate a conference call with you and/or your existing advisors. However, you may also wish to review your current plan with us privately. We can be creative in the ways we work together to address your concerns.

Properly addressing even a small detail can make a big difference to your, and your loved one's, future security. Taking advantage of the private consultation option is a very economical way to be sure that everything has been done right for your situation.

Call us to determine if this option is right for you. This initial contact is of course complimentary.

Cynthia Haddad: 781-756-1804
John Nadworny: 781-756-1804

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